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Authorization for parallel trade in veterinary medicinal products



Any wholesale distributor intending to market a veterinary medicinal product, already authorized in Italy and imported from an EU Member State where it has been authorized, may submit the application. The parallel import authorization (AIP) is issued by decree.

The parallel import authorization applies to veterinary medicinal products authorized via the mutual recognition procedure (MRP), the decentralized procedure (DCP), the subsequent recognition procedure (SRP) or the national procedure (NP).

Who can apply?Who can apply?

Wholsale distributors established in the European Union.

What do I need?What do I need?


Application form and guidelinesApplication form and guidelines

How can I apply?How can I apply?

  • Certified Email (PEC)
    Certified email: dgsa@postacert.sanita.it
    Email subject: MDV-IMP-AIP
    Further instructions: Available only of sent from another certified emai. The original electronic documents must be submitted preferably in pdf format and the images contained must not exceed the graphic resolution of 150 dpi. The same rule applies to scanned original paper documents.
  • On line
    App on line: Portal CESP

How long does it take?How long does it take?

30 giorni

How much does it cost?How much does it cost?

Rate: Tariffe immissione in commercio medicinali veterinari

Payment method

  • Bank Transfer
    Institute: Banca d'Italia
    Current account heading: Ministero della Salute Direzione Generale della sanità animale e dei farmaci veterinari
    IBAN: IT88Q 01000 03245 3480 20258211 – Bank Identifier Code (BIC) for payments made from abroad: BITAITRRENT
    Reason for payment: Authorization for parallel import of veterinary medicinal product (the name of the veterinary medicinal product must be specified)
    Further instructions: Bank Identifier Code (BIC): the BIC code must be specified in the case of payments made from abroad.

How do I know the outcome?How do I know the outcome?

  • Certified email

Outcome PublicationOutcome Publication

not present

Relevant lawRelevant law

  • Regulation (EU) 2019/6 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 11 December 2018 relating to veterinary medicinal products and repealing Directive 2001/82/EC;
  • Ministerial Decree of 5 August 2010 – “Authorization procedures for the parallel import of veterinary medicinal products”;
  • Legislative Decree No. 193 of 6 April 2006 as amended – “Implementation of Directive 2004/28/EC laying down the Community code relating to veterinary medicinal products”;
  • Ministerial Decree of 17 December 2007 – “How to use the bar code on the packages of veterinary medicinal products placed on the market”.

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